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iCampuz™ - Innovative Campus Management Software

iCampuz™, can be defined as all-in-one School/College management system software that is specifically designed and developed to simplify Administrative, Academic and Financial management of a School / College. iCampuz™, school software is used by a large amount of educational organizations around the world to deal with all the school administration and management associated activities that comprises of student Management, Fee Management, Examination, Track record of student/employee performance, etc....

Based on the latest of MICROSOFT.NET Platform, iCampuz™ is a web based system and ideally suited for multi-location campuses. The web-based system provides better inter-operability among campuses and spreads the investment of such as system across for an institution.



And our system is different from any online School , College management Software on the market today. iCampuz™ is designed specifically for Colleges and Schools. That means every feature listed on this page was designed with you in mind. And every feature is completely integrated.

Institute management software india iCampuz™ is Suitable for Colleges, Schools, Universities, etc.
Institute management software india Intranet / Extranet based architecture: Within and outside campus access through the web
Institute management software india Centralized database with single sign-on
Institute management software india Real-Time Monitoring
school management software india Comprehensive data and application security
Institute management software coimbatore Complete audit trail and error tracing
Workflow based alerts
Event based alerts
Localization support
Web services compliant
Automated and Quick report generation.
User customized report generation and data mining capabilities
Integrates applications across various locations, platforms and databases
Pre-set and Authenticated Access to data
Runs @ some of the best institutions in India.
Payment Gateway Integration

The best thing about iCampuz, School/College management software is that it integrates all the departments, processes and functions of school by consolidating respective information on a central server, which helps in better information sharing and fast retrieval of information. Various reputed schools in India are happily using iCampuz which is complete, school management system software to meet their entire administrative and academic requirement.

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